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Owner - Sarah Koshko


Hi there, my name is Sarah Koshko and I am the owner of Skin Haus Co. I am a medical aesthetician and a certified laser technician specializing in customized facials, microneedling, dermaplaning, chemical peels, and light therapy for all skin types, with a focus on age management, adult-onset acne, and sensitized skin.

My initial skin analysis includes a basic lifestyle assessment to help identify and eliminate what factors may be contributing to your skincare concerns and problems. I also reassess your skin on a regular basis, since your internal chemistry and environment is always changing.  


Some of the questions I might ask are:

  • What foods are you eating? 

  • What supplements and/or medications are you taking?

  • What is your skin care regimen (or lack thereof) and what make-up are you using? 

  • What products and procedures have you used in the past that have or have not been successful?

  • Are you currently working with a dermatologist?

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